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Time to shine: How to Build your Brand Online

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

Your brand is the core of your business, not only does it help establish relationships, but it is the glue that holds your business together to ensure your success! New business owners might think that they only need to focus on profits and sales when first starting. Although this is important, your business will not thrive without building a brand.

It takes time, but the rewards will be worth it once you see how important building your brand is.

First, you'll want to come up with a name that stands out and is easy to remember. It should make the service or products you offer clear, or interesting enough that the client wants to find out more.

Then comes the fun part; creating your logo. This is extremely important because a logo should showcase your brand's personality. Pick a color scheme and incorporate that through your logo, and stick with it. Do you want just a picture? Words? Minimalistic? The options are endless, so take your time and choose carefully.

Once you cover your basics, it's time to get your website and social media set up. If you aren't familiar with website set-up, and want to get started right away, it might be best to hire someone to create a unique one for you (wink wink 😉). If you prefer to learn on your own, that's totally fine too!

With social media, don't immediately create an account on every platform you can think of. Find out who your audience is, and start with the platforms they will most likely use. Once your brand starts to grow, then you can think about expanding your social media presence. Make sure to create quality posts that people want to engage with. Otherwise it will be hard to maintain a following.

You'll also want to think about email marketing. This is a great way to send blasts out to your customers so they can keep up with your current offers, changes, and trends. It also can create a high conversion rate and generate a lot of traffic to your website, if done well.

Lastly, keep up with your customers! Don't solely focus on your business and products. Show your customers that you care by interacting and engaging with them. This is how you create a brand personality. If you want your brand to be known as one that truly cares about their customers, then you need to make that a priority. Research some brand values, and personalities to see what you want yours to look like.

Good luck with your business, and remember if you need help with any of the above, be sure to contact us to see how we can grow your brand!

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