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More than Website Design

Website design is more than just making it look good. There are many other factors in what makes responsive websites look and work well. Some major factors are load times, SEO implementation, mobile usability, and digital marketing or internet marketing.

Mobile Friendly Website Design

Many businesses do not realize that many of their users first find their websites on a smart phone or tablet. If your site is not mobile friendly the first thing that visitor does is leave your site and look for the next website that is optimized for mobile usage. When our full service marketing agency starts creating a new website our web designers take into consideration how the desktop version will affect the mobile web design. This means that every step of the way they are almost creating two different web designs, one for desktop and one for mobile. They also have to make sure the layout isn't drastically different if a user goes from a mobile site to a desktop site. Keeping everything from mobile and desktop sites comparative and similar.

Website Design Optimization

Having a nice looking up-to-date website is key for customer bounce rates and engagement. I'm sure that many of you have experienced a webpage that felt like it took ages to load and interact with. Websites that have these issues are going to loose more customers because of this. In todays times people want information as fast as possible and if your site doesn't load in under a few seconds they are going to jump to the next site that will load faster. Even if the information on your site is more relevant than the next they are going to leave.

If you are considering hiring a web design company for your website design you need to make sure they understand the importance of a fast loading and optimized webpage. BC Marketing Agency has the tools and proper tests to make sure your site loads fast and can be interacted with quick. Even if you do not want to recreate your entire current site we can optimized content and load times by implementing new code and cutting back on certain problem areas that are causing these issues. We also preform website redesign so that we can maintain all current useful information and make the site more user friendly and increase search optimization.

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