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Understanding Backlinks

Backlinks are a main task of a marketing agency or marketing development services. This is when a site that has a different domain address than your own, links to your website. However, not every backlink is created equal. Backlinks have a huge impact on your domain rating or authority score.

Types of Backlinks

The two main types of backlinks are Follow and No-Follow links. Follow links are more valuable because the website that links you is crediting your site with valuable information and wants to give you credit for your work. Whereas No-Follow links are meant to be used on sites like Facebook. When linking your own website on a site like Facebook for a business page, they make it a No-Follow link. This is because Facebook doesn't want to credit your website and just wants you to be able to have a link on their site for people to click. You can think of No-Follow links as not as valuable and Follow links as valuable links.

Backlink Ratings

Backlinks also come with their own ratings. If you have a backlink from a very well known site like Forbes, the rating will be high and the toxicity level will be low. If you have a backlink from a site that no one knows about and is very spammy this can hurt your own site. The main thing to take into consideration is the level of toxicity the domain has. The higher the level the more you probably want to say away from.

How to Create Backlinks

Creating a large amount of backlinks comes with time and effort. That is why many marketing firms will help create this portfolio for you. A lot of times the use of guest posts for creating backlinks is one of the best ways to start. When writing a guest post for another site, that site will link back to your site as a sort of thank you for creating them content. BC Marketing refers to this as the Guest Post Content Marketing Strategy.

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